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AdaptiveLab is a new pioneering Greek company which activates in the field of industrial automation and special structures. Where digitization meets reality, adaptiveLab’s creative initiative, innovative nature and logico-mathematical absoluteness constitute one of your most trusted partners.

Our world orbits an idea; namely your idea! adaptiveLab’s skilled human resources, building on its specialized knowledge in informatics and automation, can proceed to the system-wide analysis of your idea and to the suggestion of services and alternatives which will polish it up.

Our team consists of a group of experienced researchers, technicians and engineers who specialize in automation systems and undertake the implementation of your idea, with a view to please your own expectations and aspirations.

Our goal is the immediate and accurate service of our customers in the context of a professional partnership of trust and responsibility. adaptiveLab stands by the modern professional and individual in all stages of its course, helping him to achieve the maximum possible result inside this peculiar technological paradise.

It all starts with an idea

5 important elements of ADAPTIVELAB

  • TÜV product certification
  • Provision of CE marking services
  • HACCP certification
  • Guarantee for the safety and quality of our services
  • Immediate response to our customers’ calls


AdaptiveLab provides flexible and fully featured solutions in the field of automation systems aiming at the development and the profitability of your project. adaptiveLab’s main activities are summarized further down:

Study and design of specialized electronic systems

AdaptiveLab undertakes the study and creation of analog, digital and hybrid electronic systems as well as the design and development of prototypes, based on your special needs. Contact us if you are interested in some electronic system.

Design and construction of industrial automation products

AdaptiveLab provides services and solutions in the field of industrial automation and control via electronic systems. Contact us and turn your idea into reality.

Electronic systems’ programming

In addition to designing and manufacturing composite boards and hardware we can provide software services in a huge range of development systems and programming languages. Contact us for the programming of any electronic system.

Repair and upgrade of electronic machines and automation devices

Sometimes repairing or simply upgrading existing systems is enough. Having many years of experience and specialized knowledge, we are able to distinguish whether the repair or the upgrade is possible and give the right solution. Contact us to repair and improve electronic machines and automation devices.


Who are we addressing?

Our company provides high quality services in the field of industrial automation to both businesses and individuals. More specifically, the sectors where adaptiveLab is addressed are summarized below:

  • Manufacturers of special machinery
  • Crafts / Industries
  • Catering machines



AdaptiveClima is a microclimate creation and control system for aging cabinets of meat, cured meat, cheese, fish and sweets.

Designed by Greek technicians and utilizing today’s technology, it ensures the control and management of the microclimate of a natural maturation cabinet, while offering at the same time some other possibilities that make it unique in its kind.


AdaptiveLab specializes in industrial automation with a view to the design, the development and the manufacture of automation products that achieve the upgrade and maximum operational efficiency of a business. In a highly competitive era, adaptiveLab stands next to the contemporary entrepreneur with the application of new technologies, offering a professional partnership of trust and responsibility.



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